Randy was diagnosed with leukemia on June 10th, 2008.  He fought a very hard  battle with grace and faith. We moved him home after diagnosis and I became his full time care giver.  He had a bone marrow transplant in June 2010.  He received chemo for the two years  before transplant…for several months receiving it five times a week while they tried to find a match.  He was very sick and weak, but never gave up.  We made many trips to Indy and he spent almost four months there after transplant.

After returning home he had a few decent months trying to regain some strength.  He developed Graft Vs Host Disease, congestive heart failure and problems with cellulitis.  We spent over a year going to wound care three days a week.  He still never gave up.  He was in out of of area hospitals and taken to Indy by ambulance at least three times during his illness.

Mid July of 2012, Randy started having major problems with his legs…ending with an ambulance trip to Indy on July 28th 2012.  They told us later that night that we needed to decide how far we wanted to carry treatment.  There was nothing left they could do for him.  He was developing gangrene in both legs and his system was starting to shut down. Randy spent the week wanting to visit with friends and family to let them know how much they meant to him and how they had touched his life.  I stayed in the room with him around the clock…watching him comfort family and friends.  Randy passed the morning of August 4th.

Randy was the strongest person I’ve ever known.  He touched so many peoples lives with his positive attitude and his desire to comfort us all before he left us.

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