Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

See this list of common questions and their associated answers in regards to our Angel of Hope Memorial Garden.

Are the bricks only for children?

No, these are for any ages of our loved ones.

Can the bricks be placed anywhere in the garden?

Yes, you can decide where you would like it placed and long as it isn’t along the border

How often are bricks installed?

Once the brick has been made, someone from the AOH will contact you to set-up a time for install that’s agreeable

Can a space be reserved for a future brick?

Yes, saver bricks can be purchased to ensure the spot you want is reserved

How long does it take to get a brick made?

Generally bricks are available for installation within 3-4 weeks from the time the order is processed

Can I reserve the Garden for a private event?

At this time the Angel of Hope Memorial Garden is not available for private events or reservations.

All events held at Pinhook Park are to be approved via reservation of available facilities, which do not include the Angel of Hope Garden, from South Bend Venues, Parks and Arts department.

Please respect that the Angel of Hope Garden is an open location for the benefit of our families with lost loved ones.

Can I visit the Garden any time?

The Garden is open for visiting at all times…24/7/365.  Overhead lighting is provided at night. Be mindful our garden is in a secluded public park far off the road so we recommend you plan to visit during the day to take in all the beauty of Pinhook Park.

Who owns the Angel of Hope Memorial Garden?

The Garden is located in Pinhook Park which is owned and managed by the City of South Bend’s Venues Parks and Arts department.  The Angel of Hope Memorial Garden Board of Directors owns the Garden and manages all issues related to the Garden.