The Angel of Hope

Board Members

My name is Debbie Kamm. I am currently the President of the board of directors for the Angel of Hope Memorial Gardens. I started my association with the Angel of Hope as secretary nearly 10 years ago. The first event I attended at the Angel was the candle lighting program 6 weeks after the death of my 19 year-old son, Robby Martin. I was invited by a dear friend—also a bereaved parent. She felt that even though I was so fresh in my grief that I might be comforted by it. She was correct. It was a very moving program and being able to see how others who have experienced such a loss benefit from it was something that encouraged me to want to volunteer.

I am very active in the installation of the bricks in the pathway at the garden. It brings joy to my heart to be able to help others with the delivery and installation of their own bricks. These small, engraved bricks, personalized to reflect love, mean so much to so many. It’s a means by which to keep their loved ones memories alive. As a mother who’s lost a son, my fear is that Robby will be forgotten. By being able for friends and family to go somewhere and feel closest to him is worth so much. I only hope that what we do at the Angel of Hope will help others feel comforted in remembering their loved ones who have gone before us.

Tim Wall

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