Bell Ringing Ceremony for Newtown CT. School Shooting Victims

One week after the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, all over the country people paused to remember the victims with small ceremonies and a moment of silence. A small group gathered at the Angle of Hope Memorial Garden to remember those who were killed with a Bell Ringing Ceremony. Twenty six candles were lit, and a bell chimed once for each person who died.
“This whole country has been shocked by what has happened, and we felt there was something we had to do,” says Debbie Kamm the Board President of Angel of Hope Memorial Garden. “We have to show the people of Newtown Connecticut that they are not alone in their grieving.” Six candles were grouped together in a heart-shaped dish to remember the bravery of the teachers who put their lives on the line for students that morning. A brick engraved with the date of last Friday’s shootings will be added to the Memorial Garden this spring.
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