The Dedication Ceremony
as told by Linda Mullenix

"The dedication day started out with a beautiful sunny day. More then an hour before the event cars started to enter the park. We planned on approximately 250 people to attend, but I believe somewhere between 300 to 500 people came that day. Scott Carson's words from the groundbreaking ceremony were coming true, "If we build  it they will come". As the dedication ceremony started so did my tears. As they rolled down my cheeks I knew that they were tears of joy, sadness, peace and even Hope."

"We had arranged seating for 250 and there were hundreds more standing, completely enveloping the Angel of Hope memorial Garden. Parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, friends and loved ones, all came to grieve the children who have left us too soon. It was a mystical, uplifting day, the sun warmed our bodies, the angel warmed our souls."

- Sandi Daniels

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The Angel of Hope
Memorial Garden