A Feeling of Hope

"It was the perfect day the sun was shining all day long. It was for me one of those days that I will forever remember. With the sunshine, the harp and a angel- it seemed like as close as you close get to heaven. I just wanted to go up to everyone and hug them and tell them how sorry I was. Ask to see pictures of their child. Let them tell stories about their child until the sun goes down. This is something that in our everyday lives just doesn't happen. People think that we do not want to talk about our children. We do - they are our children they just live in Heaven.

I found it hard that day to turn and leave the garden the park. I didn't want to turn and walk away from being with so many people that understand my pain. It was hard to turn and go back to my everyday life. As I walked to my car the wind blew against my face and it really felt like I was in the presence of angels. I left with a feeling of hope... something that I have not felt for a long time."

Linda C. Mullenix

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The Angel of Hope
Memorial Garden